Performance optimisation

Efficiency and mass are your main concerns? Our experience in aerospace and F1 can help you.

Power losses

 Gearbox efficiency has become a main concern in industry with the advent of electric powertrains. We offer complete study to identify and quantify power losses. This takes into account mesh, bearings, seals, windage, oil churning, etc.

Once the power losses map has been calculated, you can focus one the most important ones to bring them down.

Efficiency optimisation

 We can offer specific design which leads to very high efficiency (99%+). This means new materials, new heat and surface treatments, new bearing technology, new oil systems, etc.

Moreover, we have strong skills in dry cavity gearboxes which is a must-have when seeking for very high efficiency.

Mass and size reduction

 Increase the power density of your transmissions. This is a main concern that we know perfectly. In this exercise, our experience in turbine engine gearboxes and motorsport gearboxes are put to good use.

Decrease gearbox power losses is beneficial for the complete powertrains.