Specific skills

You won’t find these skills elsewhere!

Dry cavity gearbox

Dry cavity is the only way to get best-in-class efficiency and efficient lubrication!

Oil system design for dry cavity is one of our most advanced skills. We master the complete oil system (pump, nozzles, tanks, etc.) and we are autonomous on every component. Our proprietary software gives us high versatility in the design to suits your requirements.

Asymmetric gear teeth

This should be the standard for transmissions that always work in the same direction!

You can have access to the use of asymmetric gears. This technology has been developed during the last twenty years but only for very top-end transmissions. We are bringing this technology to every other application that always work in the same direction. The benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and mass are huge. Thanks to our dedicated software, we can offer this technology while keeping manufacturing costs almost similar to standard gears. This takes into account gear design but also manufacturing tool design.

High technology is now easy to reach!