Root-cause analysis & problem solving

Understanding the problem but above all, find a quick, reliable and affordable solution.

Data analysis

If you were logging some sensors during the failure, we can help you to process the data thanks to our specific algorithm developed exclusively for gearbox analysis.

We propose vibration processing (accelerometers) and correlation calculations. If you need specific sensors, our partners will be able to install sensors and log them at high speed with very good accuracy.

Root-cause analysis

Before solving a problem, it is good to know what are the root-causes. Our engineers are here to help you to find the main causes. Our experience and our powerful post-processing software will give you a strong aid to identify quickly the root-causes.

Find the best solution

Usually, people spend a lot of time in root-cause identification and less time on the solution. Our F1 experience showed that the most important is to get back on track as soon as possible with high reliability. That’s why we spend a lot of time to find the solution which best suits your constraints (manufacturing, packaging, materials, etc.).

Find the best solution

Our analysis method has been proven, just test us!