Refurbishment & Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of an old car driveshaft. Use of modern manufacturing processes and heat treatments to make the part more reliable.


Involute Transmissions is also specialised in the reverse engineering of existing transmission parts. This activity consists, from an existing part (which can be broken), in redesigning this part to manufacture it identically or not. Whether it is the geometry, the materials, heat treatments or surface treatments, our design and sizing tools enable us to redesign a part that is no longer being manufactured. We can even improve this part by taking advantage of modern manufacturing processes to make it more reliable.


Since transmission components (gearboxes and reducers) are quite complex to strip and reassemble, we offer complete refurbishment solutions. This means that we strip, inspect and clean the transmissions. In agreement with the customer, we redesign and manufacture the missing parts (gears, shafts, etc.), change the standard parts (bearings, seals, etc.) and reassemble the transmission, which can be back into service.